Inspection of submerged and semi-submerged installations

Inspection of submerged and semi-submerged installations

Underwater inspection of docks, underwater installations, underwater pipeline, etc. with team of professional divers, CCTV video and photo underwater equipment. Written and/or digital report elaboration. Damage and solution evaluation.

Through the constant docking and undocking at the piers, it is necessary to fine tune manoeuvres quickly and dynamically with variable speed propellers which provide a rapid reverse thrust.

During these manoeuvres in shallow water there is a significant erosion of the sea bottom and dragging of the foundation rocks. This problem occurs after a large number of appropriate manoeuvres or after a relatively small number of inappropriate manoeuvres and may result in serious undermining of the stability of the pier.

Regular inspection of the pier foundations allows the company to detect any possible damage and solve the problem properly, avoiding any situations of extreme risk. In the same way, regular inspection of underwater structures as pipelines, bridges, dams, etc. allows the company to early detect any deviation.

  • Block docks
  • Drawer docks
  • Ro-ro docks
  • Underwater sewage / pipes
  • Reservoir installations
  • Water cooling inlets at thermal power stations
  • Pumping stations
  • Hydroelectric power stations
  • Sewage treatment plants