Maintenance of submerged and semi-submerged installations

Maintenance of submerged and semi-submerged installations

Wide range of submerged and semi-submerged structures and beacon maintenance operations with own workboats including team of divers and several tools.

The wide range of submerged installations requires maintenance operations, either on the elements to be renewed due to the rust, or the elements that suffers sea growth accumulation (seashell, seaweed, slime) that may cause malfunctioning. Other semi-sumberged elements as lock gates, valves, etc. or floating elements like buoys, floating pipes, floating docks, etc. needs in the same way maintenance. Due to the contact either with fresh or salt water, the underwater submerged and/or semi-submerged needs a specific maintenance to avoid any sea growth accumulation that may cause a bad function.

The company has necessary either human and material resources suitable to perform the vast kind of maintenance operations, with a prompt and effective reply. We have been doing all maintenance operations to the Port Authorities of Valencia with their entire satisfaction.

Burriel Navarro is regularly doing these operations in several companies as Fertiberia Sagunto, Galp Energia, Tepsa, Urbamar, Valencia Port Authorities, among others.

  • Water collecting inlets
  • Fire-fighting installations
  • Underwater protection crates
  • Dock fenders